2006 Scholarship Award Winner

Each year at the annual awards
banquet, IEHA presents a $500
scholarship to one student who is
involved in a university environmental
health program. This year's winner was
Tanner Rubin.  

Environmental Health Specialist
of the Year 2006

Bob Hays, EHS of the Year

Nominations Due Feb. 2, 2007
for the Environmental Health
Specialist of the Year Award!!!
Click here for a nomination form.
Awards & Scholarships
Awards & Scholarships

Call for Submissions for the Idaho Environmental Health Association
Scholarship ($500).
 Click here for application form.

Who can apply?
Any undergraduate who is a declared major in Environmental Health or
Environmental Science at a University in Idaho.

What are the application requirements?
Prepare and submit a short research paper outlining a current and
emerging issue in pubic health (500 words or less). The scholarship winner
will have the research paper printed in the IEHA Digest.  Submit a copy of the
paper in electronic format. For a list of potential areas to research see the
IEHA member brochure.  

AND Write a short summary of your professional goals and include your
reasons for pursuing a career in environmental health and/or public health
(200 words or less).

When will the scholarship be awarded?
The scholarship will be awarded at a banquet dinner held during the Idaho
Environmental Health Association’s annual conference to be held at BSU in
March 2007

When is the submission deadline?
March 1, 2007
All submissions should be delivered (or emailed) to Deb Carney, IEHA
Awards Committee Chair.

Who do I contact if I have questions?
Deb Carney, REHS
dcarney@phd4.state.id.us or (208) 327-8527