Committee Chairpersons

Awards Committee
Chair:  Deb Carney, CDHD,

Budget Committee
Chair:  Steve Pew, Secretary-Treasurer,
D6 Health Department,

Constitution and By-Laws Committee
Chair:  Bob Erickson,
South Central District Health,

Legislative Committee
Chair - Jami Delmore,
Southwest District Health,

Membership Committee
Chair -  Jim Lane, Pocatello,

Nominations & Elections Committee
Chair -  Paul Guenther, NCDHD

Professional Promotion Committee
Chair:  Nancy Becker, NCDHD,  

Program and Education Committee
Chair -  Dee Johnson,
District 6 Health Dept.

Digest Editor
Editor -  Bob Jue, CDHD,

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Audit Committee -- Appointed at general business meetings by President to
audit finances.

Awards Committee -- Responsibilities:
A.        Solicit nominations for field and administrative EHS of the year.
B.        Select award recipients.
C.        Prepare award plaques for presentation at the annual meeting.
D.        Maintain the selection criteria rating sheet.

Budget Committee -- Responsibilities:
A.        Prepare a tentative budget.  (i.e., coordinate finances, produce                
            budgets & reports, maintain accounting, etc.)
B.        Explore possible sources of income, including training grants.
C.        Include provisions for funding continuing education.
D.        Make provisions to print the Digest, obtain supplies, send a delegate   
            or delegation to national conferences, and pay per diem, if any, for        
            attendance at Executive Council meetings.

Constitution and By-Laws Committee -- Responsibilities:
A.        Update the Constitution and Bylaws pursuant to each change                 
            approved at the annual meeting.
B.        Distribute current copies to all active members of IEHA.

Legislative Committee -- Responsibilities:
A.        Keep informed of all proposed legislation which may affect the               
            Association or its membership.
B.        Inform the President (and executive council) of such proposals.
C.        Prepare a report to be presented at the annual meeting.

Membership Committee -- Responsibilities:
A.        Solicit membership from government, industry, students, related
associations, the private sector, and registered EHS's in the state.
B.        Prepare prospective member information packets.
C.        Prepare new member information packets.
D.        Print a membership directory for distribution to IEHA members.

Nominations & Elections Committee -- Responsibilities:
The Nominating and Election Committee shall notify the general
membership of their nomination for each (elected) office 30 days before the
annual meeting.   (i.e   Solicit members for IEHA positions, coordinate
election process, etc.)

Professional Promotion Committee -- Responsibilities:
A.        Promote IEHA.  (and links with other associations)
B.        Promote REHS licensure.
C.        Investigate professional opportunities for IEHA members.
D.        Assist the Membership Committee with their duties.
E.        Establish and maintain a central clearing house for EHS stamps or      
            embossers. Encourage EHS's to use them on approved plans and      
            other documents.

Program and Education Committee -- Responsibilities:
A.        Set up the program for the annual conference including exhibits.
B.        Contact possible exhibitors.
C.        Investigate avenues of continuing education.
D.        Submit presentation abstracts to the editor of the Digest.

Digest Editor -- By-laws, Section III, Publications:
1.        Proceedings of the annual conference will be included in the                   
            newsletter during the spring edition.
2.        The newsletter will also contain minutes of the Executive Council,          
            audit reports, a treasurer's report and other reports as determined by   
            the Editorial Board and Executive Council.
3.        The Treasurer's report will cover the entire period since the last              
            published report.
4.        The newsletter will be called the "DIGEST" and will have the following   
 A. A magazine type edition will be sent each spring.
 B. All other editions will be a newsletter, with at least one edition                    
which will be mailed by no later than 30 days prior to the annual                         
meeting.  These editions will be sent as sufficient news is                                  
5.        The Editor is authorized to expend up to $200 for the annual                    
            production and mailing of the Digest.  Any amount in excess of that       
            amount must be approved by the Executive Council.